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In January 2009, we received a note from Principal Tanya Davis,
on the heroic behavior of two Celia Clinton Elementary students.

Recently, the Rotary Club of Tulsa purchased Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog, a children’s fire safety book, for each of Davis’
students. Sparkles, being the ever faithful fire safety educator
that she is, made the trip with Firefighter Dayna to share her
book and fire safety messages at the school.

Below is Principal Davis’ note:

“The other day one of our Kindergarten student’s house caught
fire in the middle of the night. She and her father both escaped.
The father spent a few days in ICU for smoke inhalation on a
ventilator. After a few days out, she came back to school and I
had the chance to talk with her. I asked her how she got out of
the house. She said, "I crawled on the floor just like Sparkles
taught me to." She got down on the floor and demonstrated it to
me right in the office floor. She said "smoke was everywhere and
I stayed low to get away from it."

Then, I was walking down the hallway on Monday and one of my
third graders came running up to me and said, "Mrs. Davis, my
microwave caught on fire and I grabbed my brothers and sisters
and we got out of the house because we saw smoke." She took
a quick breath and then said, "Sparkles taught us to get out
quick, so we ran outside. My mom couldn't find us because we
were all outside." She said "Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles
would be very proud of us." I told her I would email you and let
you know about this.”

Sparkles and I are thankful that the children and their families are
safe. We appreciate Principal Davis for sharing this fire safety
Two children from two families knew what to
do in a fire and attribute their actions to what
they learned from Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog.
"Helping keep children and their families safe."
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